Fredrik Berntsson
Department of Mathematics, Linköping University.
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Contact Information (top)

Address: Fredrik Berntsson,
Department of Mathematics, Linköping University,
581 83 Linköping, Sweden

Teaching activities (top)

Note that text in swedish suggests the course is only available for swedish speaking students.

TANA81 - Matematikprojekt. Kurs som introducerar en formell projektstyrningsmodell och där ett större matematiskt problem; med tillämpningsanknytning löses.
TANA15 - Numerisk Linjär Algebra. Kursen behandlar de vanligaste matrisfaktoriseringarna. Fokus är på att beräkna faktoriseringar på dator och hur dessa används för att lösa problem från tekniska tillämpningar.
TANA09 Grundkurs i beräkningsmatematik för D-linjen.
MAI0088 Applied Functional Analysis and FEM. The finite element method (FEM) is among the most important computational tools for engineers. In this course both theoretical and practical aspects of the method are covered.

Research Projects (top)

The sideways heat equation is a model of a situation where one wants to determine the temperature on the surface of a wall using interior measurements. This was one of the topics for my doctorate work. A brief description of the problem, as well as referenses and software tools, is available here.

Doctorate thesis (top)

During my thesis work I considered an ill-posed Cauchy problem for the heat equation, the Sideways heat equation, which is a model of a problem there one wants to determine the temperature on both sides of a thick wall, but there one side is inaccessible for measurements.
  • Doctorate thesis: Numerical Methods for Inverse Heat Conduction Problems, Dissertations, No. 723, Linköping, 2001.
    [pdf] [cover.jpg]
  • Licentiate thesis: Numerical Solution of an Inverse Heat Conduction Problem, LiU-TEK-LIC-1998:67, Linköping, 1998.

Other activities (top)

Talk on Numerical Solution of Cauchy Problems for Ellitic Equations in "Rectangle-like" Geometries
Availble as: Paper [pdf] or Talk [pdf]


The workshop Inverse Problems and Applications at Linköping University, at Campus Norrköping. Talk on Coefficient Identification in PDEs applied to Image Inpainting, together with George Baravdish.
Availble as: Talk [pdf]

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