General Relativity

Graduate Course, May 2003 - May 2004

Aim:  To give a wide knowledge of modern general relativity

Examples of topics that may be covered:

Explicit solutions of Einstein’s field equations
Variational formulations
Causal structures
Singularity theorems
Initial value problems
Cosmological models
Asymptotic flatness, energy and mass
Spinors and complex methods
Tetrad formalism and spin coefficients
Black hole spacetimes
Gravitational waves
Software for differential geometry and relativity

Prerequisites:  A basic course in general relativity and/or differential geometry

Literature: The basic text will be Wald: General Relativity. Extra material will be distributed.

Examination: Active participation, hand-in problems and written/oral presentations

Points: 5-10 depending on which parts of the course that are followed. The first 5 points may be taken as the undergraduate course NMAD14.


Part 1, Basic topics (May - Dec. 2003)

Chapter 2 in Wald (Manifolds and tensors):

Thursday 15/5, 17.15-19 in Beurling seminar room
Tuesday 20/5, 17.15-19 in Beurling seminar room

Chapter 3 in Wald (Curvature):

Thursday 18/9, 13.15-15 in Kompakta Rummet
Thursday 25/9, 17.15-19 in Kompakta Rummet

Chapter 4 in Wald (Einstein's equations):

Monday 6/10, 13.15-15 in Determinanten
Wednesday 8/10, 15.15-17 in Kompakta Rummet

Chapter 5 in Wald (Cosmology):

Thursday 16/10, 10.15-12 in Kompakta Rummet
Thursday 30/10, 10.15-12 in Kompakta Rummet

Chapter 6 in Wald, chapters 18-19 in d'Inverno (Schwarzschild and Kerr spacetimes):

Thursday 6/11, 13.15-15 in Kompakta Rummet
Thursday 13/11, 13.15-15 in Kompakta Rummet
Thursday 20/11, 13.15-15 in Determinanten

Part 2, Advanced topics (Jan. - May 2004)

Course leaders: Fredrik Andersson, Göran Bergqvist, Brian Edgar and Magnus Herberthson