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Computational Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Linköping University
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+46 - 13 - 28 14 59

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Linköping University Campus Valla B-building

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Board work
  • Member of the board of Linköping Institute of Technology (LiTH)
  • Member of the board of the National Supercomputer Centre (NSC)
PhD student supervision
  • Ken Mattsson, Thesis title: Summation-by-Parts Operators for High Order Finite Difference Methods, 1997-2003 Thesis
  • Magnus Svärd, Thesis title: Stable High Order Finite Difference Methods for Aerodynamics, 1999-2004 Thesis
  • Jing Gong, Thesis title: Hybrid Methods for Unsteady Fluid Flow Problems in Complex Geometries, 2003-2007 Thesis
  • Qaiser Abbas, Thesis title: Weak Boundary and Interface Procedures for Wave and Flow Problems, 2006 - 2011 Thesis
  • Sven-Erik Ekström, Thesis (Lic) title: A Vertex-Centered Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Flow Problems, (Martin Berggren UMU 1st advisor), 2006 - 2016 Thesis
  • Sofia Eriksson, Thesis title: Stable Numerical Methods with Boundary and Interface Treatment for Applications in Aerodynamics, 2007 - 2012 Thesis
  • Kenneth Duru, Thesis title: Perfectly Matched Layers and High Order Difference Methods for Wave Equations, (Gunilla Kreiss UU 1st advisor), 2007 - 2012 Thesis
  • Jens Berg, Thesis title: Stable and High-Order Finite Difference Methods for Multiphysics Flow Problems, 2008 - 2013 Thesis
  • Per Pettersson, Thesis title: Uncertainty Quantification and Numerical Methods for Conservation Laws, (jointly with Gianluca Iaccarino SU), 2008 - 2013 UU -Thesis, SU -Thesis
  • Tomas Lundquist, Thesis title: High order summation-by-parts methods in time and space, 2011 - 2016 Thesis
  • Samira Nikkar, Thesis title: Stable High Order Finite Difference Methods for Wave Propagation and Flow Problems on Deforming Domains, 2011 - 2016 Thesis
  • Ossian O'Reilly, Thesis title: High Order Accurate Numerical Methods in Geophysics, (jointly with Eric Dunham Stanford University), 2011 - 2016 Thesis
  • Hannes Frenander, Thesis title: High-order finite difference approximations for hyperbolic problems: multiple penalties and non-reflecting boundary conditions, 2012 - 2017 Thesis
  • Cristina La Cognata, Thesis title: High order summation-by-parts based approximations for discontinuous and nonlinear problems, 2012 - 2017 Thesis
  • Viktor Linders, Thesis title:Error analysis of summation-by-parts formulations: Dispersion, transmission and accuracy, 2012 - 2017 Thesis
  • Markus Wahlsten, Project: Robust Formulation of PDEs in Unceartainty Quantification (EU-FP7 UMRIDA), 2013 -
  • Andrea Ruggiu, Project: Multigrid methods for high order finite difference approximations, 2014 -
  • Fatemeh Ghasemi, Project: Duality Based Boundary Conditions for the Navier-Stokes and Elastic Wave Equations, 2014 -
  • Oskar Ålund, Project: High order accurate hybrid methods on structured and unstructured grids, 2016 -
  • Fredrik Lauren, Project: High order methods for aerodynamic problems, 2017 -
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