Tomas Sjödin

My main research interest is in classical potential theory, and then in particular questions related to quadrature domains. But I am also somewhat interested in stochastic analysis.


Here is a CV.

Below are preprints of some of my articles:

T. Sjödin, Quadrature Identities and Deformation of Quadrature Domains.
Quadrature Domains and their Applications,
Operator Theory, Advances and Applications, 156,pp. 239--255,
Birkhäuser, 2005.

T. Sjödin,
Mother Bodies of Algebraic Domians in the Complex Plane.
Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations, 51:4
(2006) 357--369.

T. Sjödin,
On the Structure of Partial Balayage.
Nonlinear Analysis: theory, methods and applications, 67:1 (2007), 94--102.

S. J. Gardiner and T. Sjödin,
Quadrature domains for harmonic functions.
Bulletin of the LMS, 39:4 (2007), 586--590.

T. Sjödin,
Approximation in the cone of positive harmonic functions.
Potential Analysis, 27 (2007), 271--280.

S. J. Gardiner and T. Sjödin,
Convexity and the exterior inverse problem of potential theory.
Proceedings of the AMS, 136:5 (2008), 1699--1703.

S. J. Gardiner and T. Sjödin,
Potential theory in Denjoy domains.
Analysis and Mathematical Physics, 143-166. Birkhäuser (2009).

S. J. Gardiner and T. Sjödin
Partial Balayage and the Exterior Inverse Problem of Potential Theory, Potential Theory and Stochastics in Albac, 111-123, Bucharest, Theta (2009).

S.J. Gardiner and T. Sjödin, Two-phase quadrature domains, Journal d'Analyse Mathematique 116 vol. 1, 335-354,  (2012).

H. Shahgholian and T. Sjödin, Harmonic balls and the two-phase Schwarz function Complex variables and elliptic equations (Available online 2011.10.05).


Earlier versions of some of these articles together with an appendix on classical potential theory are also contained in my thesis.

There is also an errata for the printed version of the thesis (in the version downloadable above these corrections are inserted).


Integration theory  (MAI0067) Fall 2014..

Linjär Algebra (Tata 24).

Envariabelanalys del 2 (Tata42).