Curriculum Vitae

Present position

Professor in Applied Mathematics at Linköping University, Sweden



Visiting positions

Research interests

  • Graph theory; in particular problems of hamiltonian graph theory and edge coloring problems
  • Operations research; in particular problems of existence and transformations of timetables
  • Combinatorics; in particular Latin squares and their transformations, transversal theory


  • A.S.Asratian, T.M.J. Denley and R. Häggkvist, Bipartite graphs and their applications , Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics 131, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1998, 272 pp.
  • A. Asratian, A. Börn and B.O. Turesson, Discrete mathematics, Textbook, Linköping University, 2006, 235 pp. (in Swedish)
  • A. Asratian and G. Akopian, Problems and exercises of graph theory, Textbook, Yerevan University Press, 1985, 70 pp. (in Armenian)

    Doctoral theses supervised

  • N. Khachatrian, Local algorithms and stability in the problem of hamiltonicity of a graph, Minsk, 1988.
  • R. Kamalian, Interval edge colorings of graphs, Novosibirsk, 1990.
  • A. Mirumyan, Algorithms of transformations in design of experiments and related problems, Yerevan, 1992.
  • G. Sarkisian, Hamiltonian properties of graphs with local Ore-type conditions, Yerevan, 1996
  • N. Oksimets, Some properties of eulerian and hamiltonian graphs, Umeå University, 2003 (joint supervision with Professor R. Häggkvist)
  • C.J. Casselgren, On some graph coloring problems, Umeå University, 2011 (joint supervision with Professor R. Häggkvist)

    Teaching experience

    Courses taught in Linear Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Discrete Mathematics, Calculus, Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization, Graph Theory and Combinatorics.

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