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Hans Lundmark – short presentation

I was born on the 15th of April 1970 in Skellefteå (map) in the northern part of Sweden, and moved to Linköping (map) in 1990.

Photo of Hans Lundmark thinking (December 2009)
This is what I look like when I'm solving mathematical problems! (December 2009)

I work at the Department of Mathematics, Linköping University, teaching mathematics and doing research in a branch of mathematics called integrable systems. I finished my PhD in November 2001, and spent the academic year 2002–2003 as a postdoc in Saskatoon, Canada.

Photo of Hans Lundmark in his office
In my office. (September 2005)
Photo of Hans Lundmark in Novi Sad (September 2010)
Excursion to Novi Sad, Serbia, during the GDIS 2010 conference. (September 2010)

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My wife's web page (in Swedish).

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