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Christer Kiselman, PDE 2005

Michael Melgaard, PDE 2007

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Partial Differential equation, FMB, 2008

horizontal rule

FAiry rings
Fairy ring (swedish: Häxring) , Järfälla, 2007 (my photo). An example of a wave phenomenon.
See also Context-Dependent Macroscopic Patterns in Growing and Interacting Mycelial Networks F. A. Davidson etc., Proc R. Soc. London B, 263, 1996


  • [E] Lawrence C. Evans. Partial Differential Equations, AMS, Providence, RI. Series: Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Vol. 19, 1998.
  • [M] Robert C. McOwen, Partial Differential Equations, Methods and Applications, Prentice Hall/Pearson Education, Inc., 2003 (Second Edition)


  • Characteristics
  • Classification of second order equations
  • The maximum principle
  • Sobolev spaces
  • Linear elliptic equations
  • Energy methods for Cachy problems for parabolic and hyperbolic equations
  • Systems of conservations laws