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Some other professional activities

A. Graduate supervising of various theses (4 Ph.D., 6 Licentiates, 11 Masters).

B. Project with the national research council (TFR, later VR) 1991-2003 on the mathematical theory of non-newtonian fluids, later changed into mathematical models for the shaping of plastics.

C. Developing, together with clever Linköping students, a simulation program for the filling flow in injection moulding of plastics. Visiting industries for the above project.

D. Organised international courses on non-newtonian fluids with British teachers 1992 and 1995, plus one course on CAD 1990. Invited teacher at Finnish Summer School on Potential Theory 1990.

E. Teaching many graduate courses, the latest one was "Calculus of variations and some optimal control", 2009.

F. Reviewing scientific papers for international journals.

G. Some undergraduate teaching, administration, travelling. Participation at a number of international conferences.

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