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  • Swedish OR Conference (SOAK). Västerås, Sweden, October 23 2015.
  • Nordic Electric Bus Initiatives. Gothenburg, Sweden, September 1-2 2015.
  • The 22nd International Symposium of Mathematical Programming (ISMP). Pittsburg, USA, July 12-17 2015. ISMP is a scientific meeting held every 3 year on behalf of the Mathematical Programming Society. Presentation: A MILP model for Order-Based Continuous Casting Planning at SSAB.


  • ESCAPE (European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering).
    Budapest, Hungary, June 15-18 2014. Presentation: Poster Session.
  • 18:th International Working Seminar on Production Economics.
    Innsbruck, Austria, February 24-28 2014. Presentation: Using rolling horizon techniques in the planning process for a chemical process industry.


  • SOAK/NOS6 (The 6th Nordic Optimization Symposium).
    Gothenburg (Chalmers), Sweden, October 24-26 2013. Presentation: Supply Chain Planning at a Chemical Process Industry Site.
  • EURO XXVI , Rome, Italy, July 2013. Presentation: Supply Chain Planning at a Chemical Process Industry.
  • Workshop: Applied Mathematics and Automatic Control, Linköping University, January 2013. Presentation: Optimization as a tool for Decision Support.

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