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Student theses

I you are intereseted in doing a Master's thesis project, please contact me.
Below is a list of projects that I've been supervising (or acted examiner).

Work in progress

  • Classification model for the Transportation Problem,
    Sam Olsson, 2019 (Bachelor's Thesis).
  • Optimal Camera Placement Problem,
    Hugo Lindell, 2019 (Master's Thesis), in collaboration with Termisk Systemteknik.
  • Optimization on simulated radiation patterns in hexagonal structures from quantum dots,
    Karl-Johan Olofsson, 2019 (Master's Thesis).
  • Optimal Trade Execution using Deep Reinforcement Learning,
    Kevin Dabérius & Elvin Granat, 2019 (Master's Thesis at IDA).
  • Parameter tuning of a Gas Turbine Performance Simulation Software - Siemens (Finspång),
    David Lindholm & Andre Malm, 2017 (Bachelor's Thesis).

Finished theses

Nisse quttineh

Nils-Hassan Quttineh

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