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Student theses

I you are intereseted in doing a Master's thesis project, please contact me.
Below is a list of projects that I've been supervising (or acted examiner).

Work in progress

  • Parameter tuning of a Gas Turbine Performance Simulation Software - Siemens (Finspång),
    David Lindholm & Andre Malm, 2017 (Bachelor's Thesis).
  • A Simulation Approach to an Inventory Design Problem - EFG (Tranås)
    Miranda Holthov Frenell & Mathilda Widen, 2017 (Bachelor's Thesis).
  • Assignment Problem - Cykelfesten,
    Björn Ström, 2015 (Bachelor's Thesis).

Finished theses

  • Routing Problem for a mobile slaughterhouse,
    Wilhelm Lindberg & Jonathan Fredriksson, 2017 (Master's Thesis).
  • Systems analysis of biogas production based on animal manure,
    Anna Balkefors & Caroline Meinhold , 2017 (Bachelor's Thesis).
  • A heuristic approach to the Cast Batching Problem,
    Alexander Trygg & Oscar Äng, 2016 (Bachelor's Thesis).
  • Solving a highly constrained multi-level container loading problem from practice,
    Jonas Olsson, 2016 (Bachelor's Thesis).
  • A generalized vehicle routing problem with spatial and temporal synchronization - Mathematical modelling and solution, Amir Mustedanagic, 2016 (Master's Thesis),
    in collaboration with Saab Aeronautics and Chalmers University of Technology.
  • Handover Optimization in SGM Networks, Johann Pavski, 2015 (Master's Thesis),
    in collaboration with Ericsson.
  • Hot Strip Mill Production Scheduling at SSAB, Martin Berg, 2015 (Master's Thesis),
    in collaboration with SSAB.
  • Finding local optima for costly objective functions (using Radial Basis Functions),
    by Jean Bosco NDIKUBWIMANA, 2014 (Master's Thesis),
    in collaboration with University of Rwanda and SIDA.
  • Optimization modeling of production planning at a chemical facility,
    by Alejandro Garcia Hernandez and Jose Luis Meri Celma, 2013 (Master's Thesis).

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