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Torbjörn Larsson

Professor of Optimization

I have been at the Department of Mathematics at Linköping University since 1979, first as doctoral student, then as assistant professor (1986) and associate professor (docent, 1993), and since 2007 as full professor.

A large portion of my basic research has been devoted to questions related to mathematical decomposition (Lagrangian duality, subgradient optimization, column generation, etc.), while most of my more applied research lies in the intersection between optimization and traffic planning (traffic equilibrium, origin-destination matrix estimation, etc.). In addition, I have made some contributions in other fields of optimization, like nonlinear and discrete optimization, and optimal design. My current research interests are primarily mathematical decomposition and applications of optimization and operations research within various areas.

Altogether I have published over 90 articles in international journals, peer-reviewed conference proceedings, or as chapters in books, and I have been main supervisor for ten doctoral dissertations. In total, I have supervised 16 doctoral dissertations and 16 licentiate theses, as main or assistant supervisor. (The licentiate degree is halfway between the master's and doctoral degrees.) Two of my former doctoral students (Michael Patriksson and Mikael Rönnqvist) are today full professors and three (Clas Rydergren, Elina Rönnberg and Ann-Brith Strömberg) are associate professors (docent).

Contact Info

    E-mail: torbjorn.larsson@liu.se

    Phone: +46 13 282435

    Internal: 2435

    Office: B-building, between entrances no. 23 and 25, 3rd floor, corridor A, room 590.


      Department of Mathematics
      Linköping University
      SE-581 83 Linköping

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