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Student theses

I have been supervisor or examiner, or both, for 54 master's or bachelor's thesis projects,
out of which 19 have been carried out externally. The complete list is given below.

  • Optimering av spillvattenflöden
    by Filip Berglund, 2022 (carried out at Växjö kommun)
  • Improving snow removal plans through task reassignment
    by Erik Thomas, 2022
  • Workforce scheduling for Flamman Pub & Disco
    by Gustav Villwock, 2022 (carried out at Flamman Pub & Disco, Linköping)
  • Lagrangian bounding and heuristics for bi-objective discrete optimisation
    by Ida Åkerholm, 2022
  • Prediction of the impact of increased photovoltaics power on the Swedish daily electricity spot price pattern
    by Saga Fahlén, 2022 (carried out at Becquerel Sweden, Knivsta)
  • Mathematical optimization for the test case prioritization problem
    by Eric Felding, 2022 (carried out at Westermo Network Technologies, Västerås)
  • A genetic algorithm for personnel scheduling in vacation seasons
    by Martin Fakt, 2022 (carried out at Schemagi, Linköping)
  • Costly black-box optimization with GTperform at Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery
    by André Malm, 2022 (carried out at Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery, Finspång)
  • Planning of treatment at rehabilitation clinics using a two stage mixed-integer programming approach
    by Tobias König, 2021
  • Optimisation of hauling schedules and passing bay locations in underground mines using a time-discrete mathematical model
    by Albin Ryberg, 2020 (carried out at Combitech, Linköping)
  • Black-box optimization of simulated light extraction efficiency from quantum dots in pyramidal gallium nitride structures
    by Karl-Johan Olofsson, 2019
  • Methods for optimizing large scale thermal imaging camera placement problems
    by Hugo Lindell, 2019 (carried out at Termisk Systemteknik, Linköping)
  • Scheduling of electric buses with column generation
    by Daniel Sundin, 2018
  • Solving a highly constrained multi-level container loading problem from practice
    by Jonas Olsson, 2017 (carried out at Atlas Copco, Allen, TX, U.S.)
    [The thesis was awarded the "SOAFs Exjobbspris 2017", which is the price of the Swedish
    Operations Research Society for the best master's thesis in operations research in 2017.]
  • Work distribution for a heterogeneous library staff — A personnel task scheduling problem
    by Claes Arvidson and Emelie Karlsson, 2016
  • Conditional steepest descent directions over Cartesian product sets: With application to the Frank-Wolfe method
    by Johan Högdahl, 2015
  • Rotating workforce scheduling
    by Caroline Granfeldt, 2015 (carried out at Schemagi, Linköping)
    [The thesis was awarded the "SOAFs Exjobbspris 2015", which is the price of the Swedish
    Operations Research Society for the best master's thesis in operations research in 2015.]
  • Staff scheduling in elderly care — A simulation study of trade-offs
    by Rebecka Håkansson, 2015 (carried out at Schemagi, Linköping)
  • A Frank-Wolfe method with scaled search directions: Derivation and evaluation
    by Niklas Dahlin, 2013
  • Optimization modeling of production planning at a chemical facility
    by Alejandro García Hernández and Jose Luis Merí Celma, 2013
  • Utilizing problem specific structures in branch and bound methods for manpower planning
    by Björn Morén, 2012 (carried out at Jeppesen, Gothenburg)
  • Hierarchical scheduling of a distributed and partitioned real-time system
    by Mathias Blikstad, 2011 (carried out at Saab, Linköping)
  • An application of primal-dual optimality conditions to an open-pit mine scheduling problem
    by Rickard Ewetz, 2011
  • Penalty driven tabu search for maintenance optimization
    by Natalie Josefsson, 2011
  • A no-crossover genetic algorithm for the set partitioning problem
    by Edvard Reuterswärd, 2011
  • A penalty-driven neighbourhood search method for the generalized assignment problem
    by Anneli Gottfridsson, 2010
  • Manpower planning for airline pilots — A tabu search approach
    by Björn Thalén, 2010 (carried out at Jeppesen, Gothenburg)
  • Taktisk bemanningsplanering av läkare — Modellutveckling och en pilotstudie
    by Anna Lundén, 2010
  • Brachytherapy dose planning — Trials with a new optimization model
    by Karl Svensson, 2010
  • Tabu search for a nurse scheduling problem: Design and evalutation
    by Ann Bertilsson, 2010
  • Samordnad tidbokning av patientbesök på Onkologiska kliniken vid Linköpings Universitetssjukhus
    by Marko Knezevic, 2009
  • Manpower planning in airlines — Modeling and optimization
    by Åsa Holm, 2008 (carried out at Jeppesen, Gothenburg)
  • En optimeringsteknik för placering av brevlådor
    by Victor Bengtsson, 2008 (carried out at Posten, Stockholm)
  • Supply chain network design at Lantmännen from a cost and environmental perspective
    by Emelie Raba, 2008 (carried out at Optilon, Stockholm)
  • Konstruktion av cykliska scheman för sköterskor — En optimeringsmetodik för att samla arbete och vila
    by Agnieszka Kubowicz, 2008
  • Myopic allocation in two-level distribution systems with continuous review and time based dispatching
    by Christian Howard, 2007
  • A general optimisation model for nurse preference scheduling
    by Åsa Svensson and Ann Bertilsson, 2007
  • Matematisk simulering av optimerad patientbokning vid Onkologiska kliniken i Linköping
    by Mattias Nolander, 2006
  • Önskemålsbaserad schemaläggning av sköterskor — Ett förslag till optimeringsmetodik
    by Elina Rönnberg, 2006
  • Solving the generalized assignment problem by column enumeration based on Lagrangian reduced costs
    by Peter Brommesson, 2005
  • Enumerering av lösningar till det binära kappsäcksproblemet
    by Åsa Revenius, 2004
  • A combinatorial optimization approach for configuration of test equipment
    by Mats Sundqvist, 2000 (carried out at Ericsson, Linköping)
  • Nonlinear pricing and surrogate column generation in linear programming
    by Niklas Eliasson, 1999
  • Accelerated cut generation in Benders decomposition
    by Alexander Ulltjärn, 1997
  • Optimeringsmodell för en två-stegs mellanöverhettare
    by Ivona Dragic, 1996 (carried out at ABB Stal, Finspång)
  • Regularized simplicial decomposition with application to network flow problems
    by Clas Rydergren, 1995
  • Simplicial decomposition with quadratic subproblems for the traffic assignment problem
    by Patrik Ingström, 1994
  • A study of Lagrangian heuristics for convex network flow problems
    by Johan Marklund, 1993
  • A sequential linear programming method for nonlinear optimization
    by Helén Andersson and Caréne Österberg, 1992
  • An approximate method for the solution of the multiple travelling salesman problem with capacity constraints
    by Kim Gustafsson, 1991
  • Application of gap function to portfolio selection and quadratic network flows
    by Morteza Kalhour, 1991
  • Capacitated traffic assignment by an augmented Lagrangean method and disaggregate simplical decomposition
    by Håkan Fortell, 1991
  • Solving the traffic assignment problem — A new approach using the gap function
    by Olof Damberg, 1990
  • Numeriska experiment med duala metoder för ett kvadratiskt flödesproblem
    by Kaj Andersson and Michael Patriksson, 1988

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