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Doctoral students

I have been the main supervisor for the following doctoral students.

  • Björn Morén, 2016-21
    Dissertation: Treatment Planning of High Dose-Rate Brachytherapy — Mathematical Modelling and Optimization, 2021
    Licentiate thesis: Mathematical Modelling of Dose Planning in High Dose-Rate Brachytherapy, 2019.

  • Yixin Zhao, 2012-16
    Dissertation: On the Integration of Heuristics with Column-Oriented Models for Discrete Optimization, 2016

  • Åsa Holm, 2008-13
    Dissertation: Mathematical Optimization of HDR Brachytherapy, 2013
    Licentiate thesis: Dose Plan Optimization in HDR Brachytherapy using Penalties: Properties and Extensions, 2011

  • Elina Rönnberg, 2006-12
    Dissertation: Contributions Within Two Topics in Integer Programming: Nurse Scheduling and Column Generation, 2012
    Licentiate thesis: Methods and Applications in Integer Programming: All-Integer Column Generation and Nurse Scheduling, 2008

  • Henry Amankwah, 2008-11
    Dissertation: Mathematical Optimization Models and Methods for Open-Pit Mining, 2011

  • Clas Rydergren, 1996-2001
    Dissertation: Decision Support for Strategic Traffic Management: An Optimization-Based Methodology, 2001
    Licentiate thesis: Optimization Methods for Analysis of Transportation Networks, 1998

  • Ann-Brith Strömberg, 1988-97
    Dissertation: Conditional Subgradient Methods and Ergodic Convergence in Nonsmooth Optimization, 1997
    Licentiate thesis: Applications of Subgradient Optimization and an Extension, 1992

  • Michael Patriksson, 1988-93
    Dissertation: A Unified Framework of Descent Algorithms for Nonlinear Programs and Variational Inequalities, 1993
    Licentiate thesis: Algorithms for Urban Traffic Network Equilibria, 1991

  • Mikael Rönnqvist, 1987-93
    Dissertation: Applications of Lagrangean Dual Schemes to Structural Optimization, 1993
    Licentiate thesis: Dual Techniques for Structural Optimization, 1991

  • Zhuangwei Liu, 1986-92
    Dissertation: A Lagrangean Dual Scheme for Structured Linear Programs with Applications and Extensions, 1992
    Licentiate thesis: Nonlinear Pricing and Decomposition Techniques with Application to Multicommodity Network Flows, 1988

I have also to lesser extents supervised the following doctoral students.

  • Herbert Mukalazi, 2019-22 (assistant supervisor)
    Dissertation: A Mathematical Model for Dynamic Stochastic Asset Liability Management of Uganda’s Retirement Benefit Schemes, 2022

  • Uledi Ngulo, 2016-21 (main supervisor)
    Licentiate thesis: Decomposition Methods for Combinatorial Optimization, 2021

  • Andongwisye John Mwakisisile, 2013-18 (main supervisor)
    Licentiate thesis: Asset Liability Management for Tanzania Pension Funds, 2018

  • Fred Mayambala, 2012-15 (main supervisor)
    Licentiate thesis: Mean-Variance Portfolio Optimization: Eigendecomposition-Based Methods, 2015.

  • Marcel Ndengo Rugengamanzi, 2008-13 (only formal main supervisor)
    Dissertation: Term Structure Estimation Based on a Generalized Optimization Framework, 2013

  • Nils-Hassan Quttineh, 2009-12 (assistant supervisor)
    Dissertation: Models and Methods for Costly Global Optimization and Military Decision Support Systems, 2012

  • Anders Peterson, 2001-07 (assistant supervisor)
    Dissertation: The Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation Problem — Analysis and Computations, 2007
    Licentiate thesis: Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation from Traffic Counts, 2003

  • Per-Åke Andersson, 2002-07 (assistant supervisor)
    Dissertation: Multi-Year Maintenance Optimisation for Paved Public Roads — Segment Based Modelling and Price-Directive Decomposition, 2007

  • Maria Mitradjieva (formerly Daneva), 2004-07 (assistant supervisor)
    Dissertation: Feasible Direction Methods for Constrained Nonlinear Optimization: Suggestions for Improvements, 2007

  • Andreas Westerlund, 1999-2005 (shared main supervision)
    Dissertation: Accelerating Column Generation Schemes — Applications to Routing Problems, 2005
    Licentiate thesis: Decomposition Schemes for the Traveling Salesman Subtour Problem, 2002

  • Myrna Palmgren, 2004-05 (assistant supervisor)
    Dissertation: Optimal Truck Scheduling — Mathematical Modeling and Solution by the Column Generation Principle, 2005

  • Patrik Flisberg, 1997-99 (assistant supervisor)
    Licentiate thesis: Optimization of a High-Speed Flywheel Robot — Modelling and Computations, 1999

  • Örjan Jonsson, 1987-89 (main supervisor)
    Licentiate thesis: Adaptations of Dual Schemes for Optimal Design, 1989

  • Karen Aardal, 1987-88 (main supervisor)
    Licentiate thesis: Decomposition Approaches to Production and Inventory Planning Models, 1988

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