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Johan Thim

Matematiska institutionen
Linköpings universitet
581 83 Linköping

E-mail: jothi@mai.liu.se
Phone: 013 - 28 16 89
Fax: 013 - 10 07 46
Office: Rum 677, A-korridoren, 1 tr. (B-huset)
Research gate

I am a senior lecturer at the department of Mathematics, Linköping University. I work at the division for pure and applied mathematics (MTM).

Research Areas

My main area of research is analysis and partial differential equations, in particular on domains with minimal smoothness assumptions. The aim is to develop asymptotic methods for dealing with nonsmooth domains when solving partial differential equations. The study of regularity properties of solutions is a central problem in PDE theory, and developing tools is very important since not much is known for nonsmooth domains. I also have a large interest in mathemical history of the more modern type (my master's thesis dealt with the history of continuous nowhere differentiable functions). Some of the topics I'm currently working on includes the following.
  • Local estimates for Riesz potentials on nonsmooth surfaces.
  • Local estimates for solutions to elliptic equations near bad points at the boundary; asymptotic methods.
  • Hadamard type asymptotics for eigenvalues of elliptic operators under domain perturbations.
  • Continuous nowhere differentiable functions (historical).



2018: Hadamard Asymptotics for Eigenvalues of the Dirichlet Laplacian
2014: Hadamard Type Asymptotics for Eigenvalues of the Neumann Problem for Elliptic Operators

New publications:

2020: Hadamard asymptotics for eigenvalues of the Dirichlet Laplacian
2017: Error Estimation for Eigenvalues of Unbounded Linear Operators and an Application to Energy Levels in Graphene Quantum Dots
2015: Asymptotics of Hadamard Type for Eigenvalues of the Neumann Problem on C1-domains for Elliptic Operators
2014: Asymptotics and inversion of Riesz potentials through decomposition in radial and spherical parts

Publications (diva-extraction):

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  1. Master's thesis (Continuous Nowhere Differentiable Functions)
  2. PhD thesis (only introduction in fulltext)


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