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Papers of Vladimir Tkachev


Nikolai Nadirashvili, Vladimir Tkachev, Serge G. Vlăduţ,
Nonlinear Elliptic Equations and Nonassociative Algebras

Vol.200, Mathematical Surveys and Monographs, AMS, 2014, 240 pp.

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  1. Persistence analysis of the age-structured population model,
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  2. On the non-vanishing property for real analytic solutions of the \(p\)-Laplace equation,
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  3. A Jordan algebra approach to the eiconal equation,
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  4. A note on isoparametric polynomials,
    Analysis and Mathematical Physics, 2014, 4(3):237-245 [arXiv:1209.0155] ,   Goggle Scholar

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  17. Subharmonicity of higher dimensional exponential transforms,
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  22. Unsolved problems in analysis
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  23. Radial symmetric solutions of the Hele-Shaw equation (with Mankaeva G.A.)
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  24. Some examples of \(p\)-minimal surfaces (with Yakhontov S.V.)
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  25. On the Gauss map of embedded minimal tubes (with Reshetninkova I.M),
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  32. On the bore radius for minimal surfaces
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  35. A remark on the Jorgens-Calabi-Pogorelov theorem
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  36. Finiteness of the number of ends of minimal submanifolds in Euclidean space
    Manuscr. Math., 1994, 82(3-4):313-330, [arxiv:0903.0169]   Goggle Scholar

  37. Some estimates for the mean curvature of nonparametric surfaces defined over domains in \(\mathbb{R}^n\),
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  42. On a theorem of S.T. Yau and S.Y. Cheng, original (in Russian) and English translation here
    Proc. XXIId Conference "A Student and The Scientific Progress." , Novosibirsk, 1984, 66-68.

Conference Paper Abstracts

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